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March 2014

Paid parental leave: how Swedish mums and dads do it

Monday, 3/31/2014

Sweden brought in generous paid parental leave in 1974. Swedish parents now receive a total of 480 days of leave per child, 390 days of which is paid at 80 percent of salary. More men are staying home with the children. Swedes claim that those three months of being the main stay at home carer give men a stronger bond with their child, make them morel ikely to do their share of housework, and mean they have a better understanding of what childcare involves.


2014 Pursuit of Justice Awards

Monday, 3/31/2014

California Women's Law Center Presents...

2014 Pursuit of Justice Awards recognizing Honorable Barabara Boxer, US Senator, California and Nancy Leon, UC Berkeley School of Law Professor.

WHEN? Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WHERE? Montage of Beverly Hills, 225 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Call (310) 499-4199 for more information.

Letters: Postpartum, Obamacare effect

Wednesday, 3/19/2014

Postpartum psychosis is characterized by delusions and hallucinations that can result in killing one's self and/ or one's children. It is more severe than postpartum depression- occurring only once or twice for every 1,000 deliveries but often arises suddenly with tragic effect. It is complicated by lack of social support, insomnia, exhaustion and poverty. Unfortunately, postpartum psychosis is not diagnosed until after a tragedy occurs.

How important are fathers in children's lives?

Wednesday, 3/12/2014

Recent remarks made by President Barack Obama highlight how important fathers are in this country. When he unveiled his "brother's keeper initiative, he mentioned how much it affected him by not having a father around. Research in this article discusses how kids raised wihtout their fathers in the home are also likely to have high anxiety and are more likely to act out.



Moving Beyond Depression

Wednesday, 3/12/2014

Moving Beyond Depression (MBD) is a treatment program designed specifically for depressed mothers in home visiting programs. Mothers receive 15 sessions of In Home-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by masters level therapists. In their clinical trial, 70% of mothers no longer met criteria for major depressive disorder. The goal of MBD is to reduce maternal depression, thereby increasing the healthy development of infants and children. To learn more about Moving Beyond Depression, please contact Michelle Rummel at (513) 803-7983 or email at

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