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September 2014

New Fathers Feel Unprepared

Tuesday, 9/2/2014

According to a new study funded by Galt Toys,"Nearly 70 percent of new dads admitted that they knew "almost nothing at all" about parenting and were clueless about what to expect from the pregnancy and labor.

Also, 40 percent confessed that they felt completely lost at times as a new father and 25 percent revealed that they lacked confidence in the changing, bathing and feeding process."

Million Father March on Sat, 9/6/14 in Fontana

Tuesday, 9/2/2014

The annual Million Father March will return to Fontana on Saturday, Sept. 6.

The event, which will provide resources to fathers in their efforts to raise their children, will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Cypress Center, 8380 Cypress Avenue.

A baby item/diaper drive is being held in conjunction with the event, which is organized by Street Positive.

"Our objective with this year's Million Father March is to reach and provide resources to teen, young and would-be fathers so that they will be well prepared to engage with their children, as well as access services to help them cope with the realities of parenthood," said Terry Boykins, executive of business affairs with "Also, addressing fatherhood responsibilities and prevention among teen boys will be emphasized."

Donations and prize drawings are still being accepted. To donate or for more information, call Street Positive at (909) 349-6988.

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