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April 2016

The 3 Top Rated Exercises to Help with Anxiety and Depression

Tuesday, 4/5/2016

Wanting to kick that anxiety and depresion to the curb?  Huffington Post presents 3 exercises that can combat anxiety and depression.  One of the top exercises to perk up your mood is as simple as running.  Running helps alleviate these symptoms along with burning calories, lower your risk for heart disease and reduce food cravings.  2014 study even showed that running for 5 minutes can help you live longer.  Serotonin and norepinephrine released during and after exercise have a lasting change and running can function almost like an antidepressant.  It can also help you sleep better at night and protect against depression. The second exercise to tackle anxiety is hiking through the woods.  Hiking can provide a decrease in the stress hormone and walking for 50 minutes can help lower anxiety.  Lastly, yoga can decrease stress and anxiety. The breathing techniques utilized in yoga can also benefit mental health.  Here are just a few simple ways anxiety and depression can get you one step closer to feeling great.  So grab those walking shoes and make today a better day. Check out the link for the full article



Can an App Really Help with PPD?

Tuesday, 4/5/2016

In this day and age where social media and the implementation of using an app for just about everything has turned a corner.  Apple has created an app that can help women experiencing postpartum depression.  UNC Chapel Hill, Postpartum Progress, the National Institute of Mental Health along with the partnership of Apple have created the PPD Act app thay can allow current and former women who have dealt with PPD to participate in a study using their iPhone.  To better serve the millions of women who have and may experience PPD, the research team is in need of 100,000 survivors to participate.  Click on the link for more information or download the PPD Act on your iPhone or Andriod.

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