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Pregnancy May Reduce PTSD in At-Risk Women

Tuesday, 2/16/2016

The University of Michigan Medical School and School of Nursing team conducted a study that reveals pregnancy may reduce PTSD symptoms in at-risk women.  However, while the study did show a decrease in symptoms, the study also found PTSD symptoms could become worse as the pregnancy progresses and could lead to inability to bond with the child and run a higher risk of postpartum depression.  "We hope our results give a message of hope that women who have a past diagnosis of PTSD aren't all headed for a worsening while they're pregnant, " says Maria Muzik, M.D., M.S., psychiatrist who led the study.  Muzik adds, "Preventing the worsening of symptoms could reduce their chance of post-birth illness, and protect their future child from the lasting ill effects that a mother's mental illness can have."  For the full article click on the link

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