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UC Davis Researchers Develop New Intervention to Help Mothers

Tuesday, 11/3/2015

"This is one of the first studies to take on the role of the pediatrician in not only identifying depression in mothers but also helping them take the next step," said Erik Fernandez y Garcia, associate professor of clinical pediatrics and lead author on the study. "The hope is that once we've refined the intervention and presented it to pediatricians, they will feel more comfortable about addressing depression with mothers of their patients."


Full article here:

Depression During Pregnancy Influences Postpartum

Tuesday, 11/3/2015

This is a story from Yale newletter about how two researchers, are studying how infants crying and distress impacts mother's mental health.

"Using electroencephalograms, a brain imaging technique, they measured women’s responses to different stimuli — a series of happy, distressed and neutral baby faces and recordings of cries. Women who scored higher on the depression scales showed lessened responses to distressed baby faces but not to happy or neutral faces. There was no relationship between depressive symptoms and response to the cries. The study demonstrated that an increase in depressive symptoms during pregnancy could affect how these women process infant faces."

Click the link for the full article:

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program, Long Beach

Thursday, 10/15/2015

Community Hospital Long Beach offers a perinatal mood and anxiety disorders program designed for the new mom, or mom to be, who is experiencing anxiety and depression that is interfering with her ability to bond with her baby or function at her maximum level of independence. 

Treatment options include:

  • Inpatient program with secure environment for the treatment of women who are experiencing severe symptoms. 
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Outpatient program including individual therapy sessions, support groups and educational classes related to nutrition, breastfeeding and maternal-infant bonding.
  • Mother and baby relationship constantly monitored by expert care team.

For more information please call (855) 245-2443

Huntington Memorial Hospital Maternal Wellness Program

Thursday, 10/15/2015

Did you know that locally Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena offers a Maternal Wellness Program for women who have depression or anxiety within one year of giving birth? AND Mothers are highly encouraged to bring their baby with them to treatment?

The program is comprehensive and includes:
•Intensive outpatient option (3 days a week) or,
•Partial hospital option (5 days a week)
•Individual and family therapy when needed
•Lactation and dietary support
Intensive outpatient and partial hospital programs are covered by most major insurance companies as a mental health benefit.

For more information, please call: (626) 397-2330


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