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Most New Mothers Skip Sex for at Least 6 Weeks After Childbirth

Friday, 3/1/2013

It is very common for women and their partners to want information about when sexual activity may be safely and comfortably resumed, and what to expect in relation to the impact of childbirth on their relationship. This is useful information for couples to know before their baby is born, and may help reduce feelings of anxiety and guilt about not resuming sexual activity sooner.


Predictors of postpartum depression in a sample of Egyptian women

Monday, 2/4/2013

Postpartum depression (PPD) represents a considerable health problem affecting women and their families. The aims of this study were to: (a) compare female patients with PPD to normal controls with regard to some biopsychosocial variables, (b) correlate between the severity of PPD and some clinical and biological variables, and (c) to predict some risk factors for PPD.


Using Twitter to Predict Maternal Mental Health Disorder

Friday, 2/1/2013

In an article on the website listed above in January, 2013 from MGH Center for Women's Health, researchers found that they were able to identify fairly accurately (71%) which mothers may have a maternal mental health disorder after they gave birth based on analyzing their behavioral and emotional changes pre- and post baby using data they collected off of social media.


Study of Adoptive Father with Depression

Friday, 12/28/2012

Karen J. Foli of Purdue University’s School of Nursing conducted a study of fathers who had recently adopted children and learned that 25% of them reportedly were depressed. Fathers symptoms were more that of irritability, withdrawing from the family unit through increased hours at work, and anger and the fathers reported that some of the reasons they felt depressed were due to young age of the child, limited social or family support, not feeling attached to the child, and acclimating to a new life role of being a father.



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